1.D.66 The Helical Macromolecule Nanopore (HmmNP) Family 

An artificial unimolecular transmembrane channel using pore-containing helical macromolecules was reported by Lang et al. 2016. The self-folding, shape-persistent, pore-containing helical macromolecules are able to span the lipid bilayer, and thus result in extraordinary channel stability and high transporting efficiency for protons and cations. The lifetime of this artificial unimolecular channel in the lipid bilayer membrane is long, rivaling those of natural protein channels. Natural channel mimics designed by helically folded polymeric scaffolds will display robust and versatile transport-related properties at single-molecule level.



Lang, C., W. Li, Z. Dong, X. Zhang, F. Yang, B. Yang, X. Deng, C. Zhang, J. Xu, and J. Liu. (2016). Biomimetic Transmembrane Channels with High Stability and Transporting Efficiency from Helically Folded Macromolecules. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. [Epub: Ahead of Print]