2.B.39. The Imidazolinium-based Multiblock Amphiphile Anion Transporter (IMA-AC)  Family

Synthetic anion transporters are useful for biological applications. Imidazolinium was introduced as an anion recognition site to multiblock amphiphilic structures that consist of octa(ethylene glycol) and aromatic units. Ion transport assays using halide-sensitive lucigenin and pH-sensitive 8-hydroxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonate (HPTS) revealed that imidazolinium-based multiblock amphiphile ( IMA) transports anions and shows high selectivity for nitrate. Temperature-dependent ion transport assays indicated that IMA works as a mobile carrier. 1H NMR titration experiments indicated that the C2 proton of the imidazolinium ring recognizes anions via hydrogen bonds. All-atom molecular dynamics simulations revealed a dynamic feature of IMA within the membranes during ion transport (Mori et al. 2020).



Mori, M., K. Sato, T. Ekimoto, S. Okumura, M. Ikeguchi, K.V. Tabata, H. Noji, and K. Kinbara. (2020). Imidazolinium-based Multiblock Amphiphile as Transmembrane Anion Transporter. Chem Asian J. [Epub: Ahead of Print]