9.A.45 The Archaeocin/Halocin C8 (HalC8) Family 

Archaeocins are ribosomally-synthesized antimicrobial peptides or proteins produced by Archaea. Halocins and sulfolobicins are produced by archaea belonging to the order Halobacteriales (Euryarchaeota) and Sulfolobales (Crenarchaeota), respectively. These weapons contribute towards helping the producer to prosper in spite of the microbial warfare.  HalC8, when applied to a target cell, causes cell swelling followed by lysis (Besse et al. 2015).



Besse A., Peduzzi J., Rebuffat S. and Carre-Mlouka A. (2015). Antimicrobial peptides and proteins in the face of extremes: Lessons from archaeocins. Biochimie. 118:344-55.


TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

Pre-protein C8 of 283 aas (Besse et al. 2015).

C8 protein of Halobacterium sp. (strain AS7092)


Halocin C8 of 305 aas

HalC8 of Haloferax volcanii (Halobacterium volcanii)