9.B.294.  The Archaeal 5 TMS (Ar5) Family 

The Ar5 family may be distantly related to members of the putative holin family, 1.E.43. One member is annotated as being from a bacterium, but may have been incorrectly annotated. All others brought up by NCBI BLAST are from ASGARD archaeota.


TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

Uncharacterized protein of 160 aas and 5 TMSs.

UP of Lokiarchaeum sp. GC14_75


Uncharacterized protein of 193 aas and 5 TMSs.

UP of Candidatus Thorarchaeota archaeon


Uncharacterized protein of 163 aas and 4 TMSs in a 1 + 3 TMS arrangement.

UP of Bacteroidetes bacterium (hot springs metagenome)


Uncharacterized protein of 184 aas and 5 TMSs.

UP of Candidatus Prometheoarchaeum syntrophicum


Uncharacterized protein of 172 aas and 5 TMSs in a 2 + 3 TMS arrangement.

UP of Candidatus Lokiarchaeota archaeon CR_4 (sediment metagenome)