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Functional and Phylogenetic Classification of Membrane Transport Proteins

The database details a comprehensive IUBMB approved classification system for membrane transport proteins known as the Transporter Classification (TC) system. The TC system is analogous to the Enzyme Commission (EC) system for classification of enzymes, except that it incorporates both functional and phylogenetic information. Curated annotations, TC numbers, and external references for 1932 families of transport proteins are provided. Transport systems are classified on the basis of five criteria, and each of these criteria corresponds to one of the five numbers or letters within the TC accession for a particular type of transporter.
(you can find more detailed information about the TC system HERE.)

Some facts about TCDB:

  • » TCDB is a curated database of factual information from 24182 published references
  • » The database contains 23592 protein sequences
  • » These proteins are classified into 1932 transporter families based on the TC-System

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