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1.C.61 The Streptococcus pyogenes Streptolysin S (Streptolysin S) Family

Streptolysin S of Streptococcus pyogenes is a small protein of 53 aas encoded by the pel/sagA gene. It probably contains a 17 aa leader sequence that is processed to a 36 aa polypeptide that is the key constituent of Streptolysin S. Antibodies against a C-terminal region of SagA prevents pore formation and hemolysis of sheep erythrocytes. This oxygen stable hemolysin mediates β-hemolysis. The protein exhibits a single TMS (residues 19-36 in the unprocessed 53 aa protein). It has no homologues in the current databases.

The transport reaction catalyzed by Streptolysin S is:

small molecules (in) small molecules (out).

References associated with 1.C.61 family:

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