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The bacterial (Planctomycetes) Nuclear Pore-like Complex, B-NPC (Sagulenko et al. 2017). Several proteins were found to associate with the pore-containing membranes, and some were found to possess structural domains found in eukaryote nuclear pore complexes (Sagulenko et al. 2017).  Six proteins, shown to be associated with the B-NPC structure, are listed under this TC#.  They show sequence similarity with members of autotransport families 1 and 2 (TC#s 1.B.12 and 1.B.40) as well as members of a bacterial pore-forming toxin family (e.g., TC# 1.C.75). However these proteins have an unusual amino acid composition with lots of As, Gs, D, and Es, possibly (partially) accounting for the good scores.

B-NPC of Gemmata obscuriglobus
NPC-like protein of 1707 aas
NPC-like protein of 914 aas
NPC-like protein of 975 aas
NPC-like protein of 2559 aas
NPC-like protein of 436 aas
NPC-like protein of 704 aas