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2.A.115 The Novobiocin Exporter (NbcE) Family

The NbcE (formerly the YitT (DUF161)) family consists mostly of 6 TMS proteins, where these TMSs are frequently in a 2 2 2 arrangement. However, distant 5 and 3 TMS proteins may be members of this family. Several homologues are annotated as exporters or efflux transporters. The 3-d structure (PDB# 3HLU_A) is available for YitT of Bacillus subtilis. This protein has a DUF161-DUF161-DUF2179 domain arrangement according to CDD. Most homologues are from bacteria with a preponderance from firmicutes, but others are found in more distantly related organisms. One homologue, NbcE of Lactobacillus brevis, has been shown to be a novobiocin exporter (TC# 2.A.115.2.4).  It has 195 aas and 4 or 5 TMSs (Pagliai et al. 2010).

References associated with 2.A.115 family:

Pagliai, F.A., C.L. Gardner, S.G. Pande, and G.L. Lorca. (2010). LVIS553 transcriptional regulator specifically recognizes novobiocin as an effector molecule. J. Biol. Chem. 285: 16921-16930. 20308066