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The C-terminal tail-anchored (TA) membrane protein biogenesis/insertion complex, Get1/Get2/Get3 (Stefer et al., 2011; Kubota et al. 2012; Wang et al. 2014). The ATPase (Get3) is homologous to ArsA of the arsenite exporters (Castillo and Saier, 2010). Get1 and Get2 but not Get3 are required for mitochondrial autophagy, either because of a requirement for Get1/2-dependent TA protein(s), or because the Get1/2 complex itself acts specifically in mitophagy (Onishi et al. 2018). Get3 serves as a chaparone protein, feeding into Get1/Get2 (McDowell et al. 2020). There appear to be distinctive pathways of mammalian mitophagy (Xu et al. 2020). The Get1/2 insertase forms a channel to mediate the insertion of tail-anchored proteins into the ER (Heo et al. 2023).  Alterations of lipid-mediated mitophagy result in aging-dependent sensorimotor defects (Oleinik et al. 2023).

Fungi, Ascomycota
Get1/Get2/Get3 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Get1 (P53192)
Get2 (P40056)
Get3 (Q12154)