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PAT heterodimeric complex consisting of two proteins, coiled-coil domain-containing (CCDC) protein, (CDCC47) of 483 aas and 1 N-terminal TMS, and possibly another TMS towards the C-terminus, and Asterix of 106 aas and 2 TMSs. Together they form the PAT chaparone complex in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) that helps to properly insert multispanning membrane proteins into the ER membranes of eukaryotes (Chitwood and Hegde 2020). It is involved in the regulation of calcium ion homeostasis in the ER (Morimoto et al. 2018) and is required for proper protein degradation via the ERAD pathway (Yamamoto et al. 2014). It plays an essential role in the maintenance of ER organization during embryogenesis.

PAT complex of Homo sapiens
CCDC47, Q96A33
Asterix, Q9Y284

Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 47 (CCDC47) of 483 aas and 1 N-terminal TMS plus another possible TMS as well as an Asterix homolog of 103 aas and two TMSs. These two uncharacterized protein presumably comprise a PAT complex.

PAT complex of Echinococcus granulosus

Putative PAT complex consisting of a CCDC47 homolog of 490 aas and 1 - 3 TMSs, and an asterix-like isoform X1 protein of 118 aas and two TMSs.

PAT complex of Malus domestica
CCDC47, XP_008347959.2
Asterix-like protein, XP_008374605.1

Uncharacterized pair of proteins, one of 377 aas and probably two TMSs, one N-terminal TMS and the other about a quarter of the way from the N-terminus, the other protein of 123 aas and two TMSs. These two proteins presumably form a PAT complex.

Sar (Ciliate)
PAT complex of Tetrahymena thermophila
CCDC47 homolog, XP_001015212.2
Asterix homolog, XP_001023376.

Uncharacterized putative PAT complex with two homologues of 387aas and 2 TMSs and 113 aas and 2 TMSs.

Sar (Stramenopiles)
Two constituent PAT complex of Phytophthora megakarya