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The PDZ domain-containing SNX27-retromer assembly apparatus together with the retromer subunit, ANKRD50 (Kvainickas et al. 2016). Retromer subunits include VPS26A/B (327 and 336 aas, respectively) (also cargo binding proteins) VPS35 (MEM3; 796 aas) and VPS29 (DC7, DC15; 182 aas).  SNX3 (162 aas) and Rab7A (207 aas) mediate recruitment to endosomes, but SNX3 is also a cargo adaptor (McNally and Cullen 2018). Kidins220 deficiency causes ventriculomegaly via SNX27-retromer-dependent AQP4 degradation (Del Puerto et al. 2021).

The PDZ domain-containing SNX27 protein (541 aas; 0 TMSs) as well as the ANKRD50 protein of Homo sapiens

The multicomponent Retriever-CCC-WASH Complex (formerly called the PDZ domain-containing SNX31-retromer assembly apparatus). The CCC and WASH complexes appear to function in recruitment to the endosomes. Direct cargo binding may be mediated by the COMMDs (McNally and Cullen 2018).  The structure of the membrane-assembled retromer coat has been determined by cryo-electron tomography (Kovtun et al. 2018) (see family description). These two complexes and their functions have been reviewed (Chen et al. 2019).

The Retriever Complex, including the Retriever, CCC and WASH Complexes (formerly the SNX31-retromer assembly apparatus) of Homo sapiens.
The Retriever Complex
VPS26C (DSCR3; 249 aas; A8MTY9)
VPS35L (C16orf62; 712 aas; H3BV68)
VPS29 (DC7, DC15; 182 aas; Q9UBQ0)
The CCC Complex
SNX31 (Strumpelin; WASHC4; KIAA0196; 440 aas; Q8N9S9)
CCDC22 (627 aas; O60826)
CCDC93 (631 aas; Q567U6)
The WASH Complex
WASH (WASHC1;469 aas; A8K0Z3)
WASHC2A/B (FAM21A/B,; 1341 aas; Q641Q2)
WASHC2C (FAM21C; 1318 aas; Q9Y4E1)
WASHC3 (CCDC53; 194 aas; Q9Y3C0)
WASHC4 (SWIP; KIAA1033; 1173 aas; Q2M389)