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The Unconventional Protein Secretion System, UPSS (Giuliani et al., 2011).  Secretes FGF1 (an annexin; TC#1.A.31)and Epimorphin (syntaxin 2; 8.A.91) (Hirai et al. 2007)

UPSS of Mus musculus
1) S100A13 Ca2+ binding protein (98 aas)(P97352)
2) p40Syt1 synaptogamin1 (homologous to 8.A.30.1.1) (421 aas)(P46096)
3) Small conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channel protein 1 (very similar to SK2 (1.A.1.16.1) (537 aas) (Q9EQR3)
4) Annexin II (A2) (339 aas) (P07356)
5) FGF1 Fibroblast Growth Factor; Heparin-binding growth factor (155 aas) (P61148)
6) Golgi reassembly - stacking protein 2, Gorasp2 or GRASP (451 aas) (Q99JX3)