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9.B.284.  The 4 TMS Uncharacterized Bacterial Protein-20 (UBP20) Family 

The proteins of this family were identified while characterizing the Heliorhodopsin Family (TC#3.E.3). When 9.B.284.1.1 was TC BLASTed,  striking similarities with the two 7 TMS protein with TC# 3.E.3.1.1 and 2 as can be seen by running a TC BLAST run with this protein. For example, TC BLASTing 9.B.284.1.1 gave hits with 3.E.3.1.1 and 3.E.3.1.2 with residues 53 - 145 aligning with residues 63 - 153 of the two similar Heliorhodopsins. However, homology could not be established using our traditional procedures.  Therefore, we have put these 4 TMS proteins into the current family (9.B.284).