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Signal transduction pathway involved a periplasmic receptor, probably a lipoprotein, GlnH, specific for at least 3 amino acids, glu, asp and gln, a transmembrane protein with 5 TMSs, GlnX, and a cytoplasmic protein kinase, PknG that phosphorylates a trascriptional regulator, GarA (Bhattacharyya et al. 2018).

Four constituent signal transduction pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Homologues of TC# 9.B.321.1.1 including the transmembrane protein, GlnX (TAG98393), the kinase, KpnG (TAG98397), and the transcriptional regulator phosphorylated by PknG, GarA (TAG98394), all within a single gene cluster.  The other proteins within this cluster are also included under this TC#.  These include (1) a VWA domain-containing protein of 0 TMSs with similarity to E-ClC family members (TC# 1.A.13; TAG98395; 426 aas; 0 TMSs), a zinc ribbon domain-containing protein of 324 aas and 0 TMSs (like TC# 9.B.250.1.4) and a DedA protein (like TC#9.B.27.2.4) of 207 aas and 5 or 6 TMSs (TAG98398).

Homologues of TC# 9.B.321.1.1 in Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium