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The putative SpoIIIA-SpoIIQ exporter.  SpoIIIAE and SpoIIQ form a transenvelop channel (resembling in function a gap junction in animals) that allows the passage of small molecules and proteins from the mother cell to the forespore (Rodrigues et al. 2016). The SpoIIIA-SpoIIQ complex appears to be a hybrid composed of different parts from well-defined specialized secretion systems (Morlot and Rodrigues 2018).

SpoIIIAA-AH of Bacillus subtilis
SpoIIIAA (307 aas; 0 TMSs; ATPase) (Q01367)
SpoIIIAB (171 aas; 1 N-terminal TMS) (Q01368)
SpoIIIAC (68 aas; 2 TMSs) (P49780)
SpoIIIAD (133 aas; 3-4 TMSs) (P49781)
SpoIIIAE (405 aas; 6-7 TMSs) (P49782)
SpoIIIAF (206 aas; 2 TMSs) (P49783)
SpoIIIAG (229 aas; 1-3 TMSs) (P49784)
SpoIIIAH (218 aas; 1 N-terminal TMS) (P49785)
SpoIIQ (283 aas; 1 N-terminal TMS) (P71044)