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Vesicle-associated Membrane Protein (VAMP) Superfamily

These proteins are integral membrane proteins that are associated with intracellular vesicles in eukaryotes. They regulate lipid transport and homeostasis, membrane trafficking, neurotransmitter release, stabilization of presynaptic microtubules, and the unfolded protein response. Several other TC families show sequence similarities (domains) with proteins in the following TC (multi-component) families: 1.F.1, 1.R.1, 3.A.16, 3.A.25, 3.A.28, 3.A.29, and 3.A.31.

8.A.119 - The Potassium Channel Regulatory Protein Sup-10 (Sup-10) Family
9.B.17 - The VAMP-associated protein (VAP) Family