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Crown Ether Artificial Ion Transporter Superfamily

Five families of man-made ion transporters, all functioning as transmembrane channels, contain crown-ethers. Their inclusion in this superfamily is based on the presence of the same chemical group in the transporting compounds and not on protein phylogeny.

1.D.54 - The potassium-selective Hexyl-Benzoureido-15-Crown-5-Ether Ion Channel (HBEC) Family
1.D.67 - The Crown Ether-modified Helical Peptide Ion Channel (CEHP) Family
1.D.76 - The Reversible Photo-gated Acylhydrazone-containing Crown Ether Triad Transmembrane Channel (PAH-CET) Family
1.D.176 - The Hydroxyl-rich Cholesterol-Flexible Alkyl Chain-Crown Ether Ion Transporter (H-CIT-A-CE) Family
1.D.184 - Ion-selective Crown-ether Crystal Pore (IS-CE-P) Family