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Arene Artificial Ion Transporter Superfamily

Members of this superfamily contain Arenes and are man-made compounds that transport ions across membranes. Their inclusion in this superfamily is based on the presence of the same chemical group in the transporting compounds and not on protein phylogeny.

1.D.30 - The Artificial Hydrazide-appended pillar[5]arene Channels (HAPA-C) Family
1.D.42 - The Phe-Arg Tripeptide-Pillar[5]Arene Channel (TPPA-C) Family
1.D.75 - The Synthetic Pillar Arene Backbone Tubular Peptide (PAB-TP) Family
1.D.87 - The Helical Peptide-modified Pillar[5]arene Pore-forming (Pilararene) Family
1.D.103 - The Synthetic Pillararene-based Unimolecular Tubular Channel (PUC) Family
1.D.111 - The Pore-forming Calix[6]arene (CX6) Family
1.D.177 - The Peptide-appended Pillar[5]arene (PAPA) Family
1.D.222 - The TetraCyanoResorcin[4]Arene Ion Channel (TCRA-IC) Family
1.D.223 - The Oxacalix[2]Arene[2]Triazine-derived Channel (OAT-C) Family