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Calix[4]Pyrrole Superfamily

Calix[4]pyrroles are found in 3 TC families of anion carriers, TC#s 2.B.59, 2.B.73 and 2.B.111. Their inclusion in this superfamily is based on the presence of the same chemical group in the transporting compounds and not on protein phylogeny.

2.B.19 - The Calix(4)pyrrole Derivative (C4P) Family
2.B.59 - The Strapped Calix[4]Pyrrole (SC4P) Family
2.B.73 - The Calix[4]Pyrrole Derivative Facilitator (CPDF) Family
2.B.94 - The Pyrrole-2-Carboxamide Derivative-Anion Transporter (P2C-AT) Family
2.B.111 - The meso-3,5-bis(Trifluoromethyl)Phenyl Picket Calix[4]Pyrrole (TPPCP) Family