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Huwentoxin Superfamily

Diao, J., Lin, Y., Tang, J., and Liang, S. (2003). cDNA sequence analysis of seven peptide toxins from the spider Selenocosmia huwena. Toxicon 42: 715-723. The Huwentoxin SF may be distantly related to the Defensin SF.

8.B.3 - The Huwentoxin-1 (Huwentoxin-1) Family
8.B.12 - The Spider Toxin (STx2) Family
8.B.17 - The Sea Anemone Peptide Toxin Class III (ShI) Family
8.B.19 - The Sea Anemone K+ Channel Blocker Toxin, BcsTx3 (BcsTx3) Family