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Bacterial Bacteriocin (BB) Superfamily

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1.C.22 - The Lactococcin A (Lactococcin A) Family
1.C.24 - The Pediocin (Pediocin) Family
1.C.26 - The Lactacin X (Lactacin X) Family
1.C.27 - The Divergicin A (Divergicin A) Family
1.C.29 - The Plantaricin EF (Plantaricin EF) Family
1.C.30 - The Plantaricin JK (Plantaricin JK) Family
1.C.31 - The Channel-forming Colicin V (Colicin V) Family
1.C.53 - The Lactocyclicin Q (Lactocyclicin Q) Family
1.C.65 - The Type III Secretion System Plant Host Cell Membrane Pore-forming HrpF (HrpF) Family
1.C.102 - The Cerein (Cerein) Family