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Outer Membrane Pore-forming Protein I (OMPP-I) Superfamily

The OMPP-I Superfamily is an exceptionally large superfamily including over 50 TC OMPP families. This conclusion is based on statistical analyses of primary sequence data (B. L. Reddy and M. H. Saier, Jr., PLOS One, DOI: 10.1371; journal.pone.0152733, April 11, 2016).

1.B.1 - The General Bacterial Porin (GBP) Family
1.B.2 - The Chlamydial Porin (CP) Family
1.B.3 - The Sugar Porin (SP) Family
1.B.4 - The Brucella-Rhizobium Porin (BRP) Family
1.B.5 - The Pseudomonas OprP Porin (POP) Family
1.B.6 - The OmpA-OmpF Porin (OOP) Family
1.B.7 - The Rhodobacter PorCa Porin (RPP) Family
1.B.8 - The Mitochondrial and Plastid Porin (MPP) Family
1.B.9 - The FadL Outer Membrane Protein (FadL) Family
1.B.10 - The Nucleoside-specific Channel-forming Outer Membrane Porin (Tsx) Family
1.B.11 - The Outer Membrane Fimbrial Usher Porin (FUP) Family
1.B.12 - The Autotransporter-1 (AT-1) Family
1.B.13 - The Alginate Export Porin (AEP) Family
1.B.14 - The Outer Membrane Receptor (OMR) Family
1.B.15 - The Raffinose Porin (RafY) Family
1.B.16 - The Short Chain Amide and Urea Porin (SAP) Family
1.B.17 - The Outer Membrane Factor (OMF) Family
1.B.18 - The Outer Membrane Auxiliary (OMA) Protein Family
1.B.19 - The Glucose-selective OprB Porin (OprB) Family
1.B.20 - The Two-Partner Secretion (TPS) Family
1.B.21 - The OmpG Porin (OmpG) Family
1.B.22 - The Outer Bacterial Membrane Secretin (Secretin) Family
1.B.23 - The Cyanobacterial Porin (CBP) Family
1.B.25 - The Outer Membrane Porin (Opr) Family
1.B.26 - The Cyclodextrin Porin (CDP) Family
1.B.31 - The Campylobacter jejuni Major Outer Membrane Porin (MomP) Family
1.B.32 - The Fusobacterial Outer Membrane Porin (FomP) Family
1.B.33 - The Outer Membrane Protein Insertion Porin (Bam Complex) (OmpIP) Family
1.B.35 - The Oligogalacturonate-specific Porin (KdgM) Family
1.B.39 - The Bacterial Porin, OmpW (OmpW) Family
1.B.42 - The Outer Membrane Lipopolysaccharide Export Porin (LPS-EP) Family
1.B.43 - The Coxiella Porin P1 (CPP1) Family
1.B.44 - The Probable Protein Translocating Porphyromonas gingivalis Porin (PorT) Family
1.B.49 - The Anaplasma P44 (A-P44) Porin Family
1.B.54 - The Intimin/Invasin (Int/Inv) or Autotransporter-3 (AT-3) Family
1.B.55 - The Poly Acetyl Glucosamine Porin (PgaA) Family
1.B.57 - The Legionella Major-Outer Membrane Protein (LM-OMP) Family
1.B.60 - The Omp50 Porin (Omp50 Porin) Family
1.B.61 - The Delta-Proteobacterial Porin (Delta-Porin) Family
1.B.62 - The Putative Bacterial Porin (PBP) Family
1.B.66 - The Putative Beta-Barrel Porin-2 (BBP2) Family
1.B.67 - The Putative Beta Barrel Porin-4 (BBP4) Family
1.B.68 - The Putative Beta Barrel Porin-5 (BBP5) Superfamily
1.B.70 - The Outer Membrane Channel (OMC) Family
1.B.71 - The Proteobacterial/Verrucomicrobial Porin (PVP) Family
1.B.72 - The Protochlamydial Outer Membrane Porin (PomS/T) Family
1.B.73 - The Capsule Biogenesis/Assembly (CBA) Family
1.B.78 - The DUF3374 Electron Transport-associated Porin (ETPorin) Family
1.B.80 - The Putative Trans-Outer Membrane Electron Flow Porin (TOM-EF) Family
1.B.81 - The DUF2490 Putative Beta Barrel Porin (DUF2490) Family
1.B.92 - The Proteobacterial Outer Membrane Porin, NilB (NilB) Family
1.B.95 - The Outer Membrane Protein YaiO (YaiO) Family
9.B.50 - The Outer Membrane Beta-barrel Endoprotease, Omptin (Omptin) Family
9.B.153 - The Putative Beta-Barrel Porin/Alpha Amylase or Phenol_MetA-deg (BBP/AA) Family
9.B.170 - The DUF3187 Putative Porin (DUF3187) Family
9.B.186 - The Putative Lipoprotein Suppressor of a ts bamD mutant, YiaD (YiaD) Family