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Peroxisomal Peroxin/Unnexin (Pex/Unx) Superfamily

Pex11 of yeast has been shown to be a pore-forming protein (see TC# 1.A.101 which contains 8 families). It is homologous and similar in size to Pex25 and Pex27. All three proteins are constituents of the Peroxisomal Protein Importer (PPI) Family (see TC# 3.A.20.1.2, 4 and 5). They are distantly related to the Unnexin family (TC#1.A.138) as well. These two families may also belong to the Tetraspan Junctional Complex Superfamily, but this has not yet been established.

1.A.101 - The Peroxisomal Pore-forming Pex11 (Pex11) Family
1.A.138 - The Unnexin (Unx) Family