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Synaptotagmin Domain-containing (SynapD) Superfamily

Several proteins in TCDB contain one or two ~100 aa synaptotagmin domains that are involved in calcium and receptor signalling as well as intracellular lipid transport (Pinheiro et al., 2016; PMID# 27731902).

1.F.1 - The Synaptosomal Vesicle Fusion Pore (SVF-Pore) Family
8.A.30 - The Nedd4-Family Interacting Protein-2 (Nedd4) Family
8.A.78 - The Insulin Secretion-regulating Lipid Transporter TMEM24 (TMEM24) Family
9.A.48 - The Unconventional Protein Secretion (UPS) System Family
9.A.57 - The Extended-Synaptotagmin (E-Syt) Family