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CNNM/HlyC Superfamily

The CNNM and HlyC families share a homologous domain which consists of the entirety of the HlyC proteins and the hydrophilic parts of the Cyclin M (CNNM) Family proteins. The transmembrane domain is only present in the CNNM family. The CNNM family proteins may be active transporters, but they are currently listed under Class 1.A. This homologous domain is also found in some members of the CLC Family (2.A.49), the TerC Family (TC# 2.A.109) and the Peptidase M50 Family (9.B.149). The hydrophilic domain in the CNNM family members may be capable of ATP binding and could be the energizer for transport. This would make sense since many of these proteins export cationic substrates.

1.A.112 - The Cyclin M Mg2+ Exporter (CNNM) Family
1.C.126 - The HlyC Haemolysin (HlyC) Family