1.B.31 The Campylobacter jejuni Major Outer Membrane Porin (MomP) Family

Campylobacter jejuni MomP is a trimeric, β -sheet-type porin of 424 aas that packs with different lattice types when reconstituted with lipids. The protein can exist as the native trimer or as a stable monomer, depending in the concentration of sodium dodecyl sulfate. It serves several physiological functions: (1) in the structural organization of the outer membrane, (2) as an adhesin, and (3) as a porin. The monomeric and trimeric porins exhibit similar single channel conductances with the same cation selectivities and the same sensitivities to voltage when reconstituted in an artificial lipid bilayer. A second homologue of MomP with 88% identity to the first one has been sequenced (gbAL139077).

The transport reaction catalyzed by the C. jejuni MomP is:

solutes (out) solutes (periplasm)

This family belongs to the Outer Membrane Pore-forming Protein I (OMPP-I) Superfamily .



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TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

The major MomP or PorA porin can exist as functional monomers and trimers; both exhibit ion conduction activity as well as the same cationic selectivity and sensitivity to low voltage (et al. 2000; Bolla et al. 2004). It can transport polyarginine peptides (Dhanasekar et al. 2017). Nanobodies against MomP restrict Campylobacter colonization (Vanmarsenille et al. 2017). Healthy cats can carry C. jejuni of limited genetic diversity (Mohan and Habib 2019).


MomP of Campylobacter jejuni


Putative porin


Putative porin of Wolinella succinogenes


Putative porin


Putative porin of Helicobacter canadensis


Putative porin


Putative porin of Arcobacter bulzleri


Putative porin


Putative porin of Caminibacter mediatlanticus


Putative porin of 392 aas


Putative porin of Campylobacter rectus


PorA1 of 425 aas


PorinA1 of Campylobacter lari