1.C.134.  The Small Polypeptide Toxin, IbsC (IbsC) Family

IbsC is a 19 aa highly hydrophobic peptide that forms pores in membranes and kills bacterial cells (Nonin-Lecomte et al. 2021).



Nonin-Lecomte, S., L. Fermon, B. Felden, and M.L. Pinel-Marie. (2021). Bacterial Type I Toxins: Folding and Membrane Interactions. Toxins (Basel) 13:.


TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

Pore-forming toxic peptide of 19 aas and 1 TMS

IbsC of E. coli


Type I toxin-antitoxin system, Ibs family toxin of 19 aas and 1 very hydrophobic TMS.

Toxin of E. coli


Type I toxin-antitoxin system, toxin of 32 aas and 1 C-terminal TMS.

Toxin of E. coli