1.D.153.  The Hetero-Oligomeric Peptidic Synthetic 3-in-1 Transporter (HOP-3in1T) Family

A  crystal  packing-inspired  social  self-sorting  strategy  broadly  applicable  to diverse types of H-bonded peptidic frameworks has been designed (Zeng et al. 2021). Specifically, a  crystal  structure  of  H-bonded  alkyl  chain-appended monopeptides revealed an inter-chain separation distance of 4.8 Å dictated by the H-bonded amide groups, which is larger than the 4.2 Å separation distance desired by tightly packed
straight  alkyl  chains.  This  incompatibility  resulted  in  loosely packed alkyl chains, prompting an investigation of the feasibility of applying bulky tert-butyl groups, modified with an  anion-binding  group,  to  alternately  interpenetrate  the straight  alkyl  chains,  modified  with  a  crown  ether  group. Structurally, this social self-sorting approach generated highly stable hetero-oligomeric ensembles, having alternated anion- and cation-binding units vertically aligned to the same side. Functionally,  these  hetero-oligomeric  ensembles  promote transmembrane  transport  of  cations,  anions  and  more
interestingly, zwitterionic species such as amino acids (Zeng et al. 2021).



Zeng, H., J. Shen, and R. Ye. (2021). Crystal Packing-Guided Construction of Hetero-Oligomeric Peptidic Ensembles as Synthetic 3-in-1 Transporters. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. [Epub: Ahead of Print]