1.D.186.  The Biomimetic Photoresponsive Ion-transporting Metal-Organic Nanopore (BPI-MONP) Family

Biological ion channels and ion pumps with sub-nanometer sizes modulate ion transport in response to external stimuli. Sub-nanometer solid-state nanopores have wide practical applications. Jiang et al. 2020 demonstrated a biomimetic photoresponsive ion channel and photodriven ion pump using a porphyrin-based metal-organic framework membrane with pore sizes comparable to hydrated ions. Tehy showed that the molecular-size pores enable precise and robust optoelectronic ion transport modulation in a broad range of concentrations, unparalleled with conventional solid-state nanopores. Upon decoration with platinum nanoparticles to form a Schottky barrier photodiode, photovoltage across the membrane can be generated with "uphill" ion transport from low concentration to high concentration. These observations may spark applications in energy conversion, ion sieving, and artificial photosynthesis (Jiang et al. 2020).



Jiang, Y., W. Ma, Y. Qiao, Y. Xue, J. Lu, J. Gao, N. Liu, F. Wu, P. Yu, L. Jiang, and L. Mao. (2020). Metal-Organic Framework Membrane Nanopores as Biomimetic Photoresponsive Ion Channels and Photodriven Ion Pumps. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 59: 12795-12799.