1.D.192.  The Single-Chain-Heteropolymer-derived pH-gated K+ Channel (SCHK) Family

A series of single-chain random heteropolymers (RHPs)-derived artificial ion channels were fabricated by a facile "one-pot" polymerization method, which simultaneously revealed high K+-selectivity and pH-gated behaviors (Yan et al. 2022). The benzo-18-crown-6 moieties appended on lateral chains of RHPs can form ion-permeable nanopores and transport K+ over Na+ through the lipid bilayers. The ion permeation selectivity was enhanced by incorporating a cholesterol group to serve as a membrane anchor. Similar to natural gated protein channels, on-off switchable characteristics were realized by integrating an additional acid-sensitive alkylamine group into the RHP-derived channel. The unique design strategies have endowed the RHP-derived ion channels with facile synthetic procedures, desirable membrane compatibility, high K+ selectivity, and tunable pH-gated properties (Yan et al. 2022). 



Yan, T., S. Liu, C. Li, J. Xu, S. Yu, T. Wang, H. Sun, and J. Liu. (2022). Flexible Single-Chain-Heteropolymer-Derived Transmembrane Ion Channels with High K+ Selectivity and Tunable pH-Gated Characteristics. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. [Epub: Ahead of Print]