1.D.230. The Perylene Diimide-based Metal-Organic Cage (PD-MOC4c) Family 

A perylene diimide-based metal-organic cage (MOC4c) is an efficient transmembrane transporter for ions and small molecules through the internal cavity of the cage (Hu et al. 2023). MOC4c could selectively transport different anions, as evidenced by vesicle-based fluorescence assays and planar lipid bilayer-based current recordings. Furthermore, MOC4c appears to facilitate calcein transport across the lipid bilayer membrane of a living cell, suggesting that MOC4c could be used as a biological tool for small molecule drugs transmembrane transport.



Hu, X., B. Yue, C. Chen, W. Zong, S. Li, H. Yang, Y. Hou, and J. Zhang. (2023). Transmembrane Transporter Constructed from Platinum Metal-organic Cage. Chempluschem e202300426. [Epub: Ahead of Print]