1.D.84.  The Aromatic Helical Origomeric Channel (AHOC) Family 

Chao et al. 2017 synthesized aromatic helical oligomeric compounds that selectively bind K+ over Na+. By aromatic stacking of helical oligomers, artificial K+ channels with contiguous K+ binding sites were constructed. These artificial channels exhibited exceptionally high K+/Na+ selectivity ratios during transmembrane ion conduction.



Chao, L., X. Deng, W. Wang, S. Qi, X. Zhang, C. Zhang, F. Yang, B. Yang, Z. Dong, and J. Liu. (2017). Highly Selective Artificial Potassium Ion Channels Constructed from Pore-Containing Helical Oligomers. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. [Epub: Ahead of Print]