2.B.94.  The Pyrrole-2-Carboxamide Derivative Anion Transporter (P2CD-AT) Family

The pyrrole-2-carboxamide moiety is well known for its presence in various natural products and its use in anion receptor systems. Roy et al. 2023 assessed the transmembrane anion transport activities of a series of substituted pyrrole-2-carboxamides and showed them to be highly tuneable, versatile systems for anion transport by simple variations of pyrrole ring and amide substituents.

This family belongs to the Calix[4]Pyrrole Superfamily.



Roy, N.J., P.L. Pujari, and P. Talukdar. (2023). Bimodal structural tuning of pyrrole-2-carboxamide-based transmembrane ion transport systems. Org Biomol Chem 21: 3323-3329.