9.B.250.  The Uncharacterized Prokaryotic 5 TMS Protein-2 (UPP2) Family 

These proteins are of about 350 - 400 aas and have 5 TMSs in a 1 + 4 TMS arrangement. The family is quite large, and the members of the family are found largely in prokaryotes, both bacteria and archaea. Some members of the family may be endoproteases, and they may be related to the family of metalo-proteases with TC# 9.B.149.

This family belongs to the CAAX Superfamily.


TC#NameOrganismal TypeExample

Uncharacterized protein of 406 aas and 5 TMSs

UP of Candidatus Wolfebacteria bacterium


Uncharacterized protein of 383 aas and 5 TMSs

UP of Coleofasciculus chthonoplastes


Putative serine endopeptidase of 345 aas and 4 TMSs.

Endopeptidase of Methylobacillus rhizosphaerae


Uncharacterized protein of 276 aas and 0 - 3 TMSs with a C-terminal zinc-ribbon domain, characteristic of this family

UP of Candidatus Stoquefichus


Uncharacterized double zinc ribbon family protein of 360 aas and 4 - 5 TMSs.

UP of Burkholderia pseudomallei