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1.B.51 The Oms66 Porin (Oms66P) Family

Skare et al. (1997) reported the purification and characterization of a 66-kDa protein, designated Oms66, for outer membrane-spanning 66-kDa protein, that functions as a porin in the outer membrane (OM) of Borrelia burgdorferi. It exhibited an average single-channel conductance of 10 nS in 1 M KCl. Oms66 is virtually nonselective between cations and anions. Proteoliposomes containing Oms66 exhibit porin activity nearly identical to that of native, purified Oms66, indicating that reconstituted Oms66 retained native conformation (Skare et al., 1997).

The generalized reaction catalyzed by Oms66 is:

small molecules (out) small molecules (periplasm)

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