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Major prion protein precursor PrP (yielding peptide PrP[106-126])
Metazoa, Chordata
PrP of Ovis aries

Major prion protein, PrP or PRNP, of 253 aas and 3 possible TMSs, N-terminal, middle, and C-terminal. Its primary physiological function is unclear. It has cytoprotective activity against internal or environmental stresses and may play a role in neuronal development and synaptic plasticity. May be required for neuronal myelin sheath maintenance, but may play a role in iron uptake and iron homeostasis. Soluble oligomers are toxic to cultured neuroblastoma cells and induce apoptosis (Mani et al. 2003; Taylor et al. 2009; Wu et al. 2010).  The mouse orthologue (P04925), particularly the A116V mutant, forms ion channels in lipid membranes (Sabareesan et al. 2016). It's cell biology has been reviewed (Sarnataro et al. 2017).

Metazoa, Chordata
PrP of Homo sapiens

Prion protein of 497 aas and 3 TMSs

Metazoa, Chordata
Prion protein of Paralichthys olivaceus (Bastard halibut) (Hippoglossus olivaceus)

Prion-like protein, Doppel (PRND) of 176 aas and 2 TMSs

Metazoa, Chordata
Doppel of Homo sapiens

Shadow of prion protein, SPRN or SHO, of 151 aas and 3 TMSs

Metazoa, Chordata
SPRN of Homo sapiens