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1.D.121.  The Amphiphilic Dendritic Dipeptide Helical Pore-forming (AKKP) Family

Percec et al. 2004 described a library of amphiphilic dendritic dipeptides (ADD) that self-assemble in solution and in bulk through a complex recognition process into helical pores. They found that the molecular recognition and self-assembly process was sufficiently robust to tolerate a range of modifications to the amphiphilic structure, while proton transport measurements establish that the pores are functional.

References associated with 1.D.121 family:

Percec, V., A.E. Dulcey, V.S. Balagurusamy, Y. Miura, J. Smidrkal, M. Peterca, S. Nummelin, U. Edlund, S.D. Hudson, P.A. Heiney, H. Duan, S.N. Magonov, and S.A. Vinogradov. (2004). Self-assembly of amphiphilic dendritic dipeptides into helical pores. Nature 430: 764-768. 15306805