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1.D.206.  The Electricity/Wettability-controlled Dopamine Nanochannel (EW-DNC) Family 

Achieving fast transmembrane transmission of molecules in organisms can now be achieved (Fang et al. 2023). Inspired by the transport of Dopmine (DA) in organisms, the DA transporter (DAT) binds to DA in a way that has a ring recognition (the recognition group is the tryptophan group). D-Tryptophan-pillar[5]arene (D-Trp-P5) functionalized conical nanochannel was constructed to achieve fast transmission of DA. The D-Trp-P5 functionalized nanochannel enabled specific wettability recognition of DA molecules and had great cycle stability. With the controlling of voltage to wettability, the transport flux of DA was up to 500 nmol cm-2 h-1 at -6 V, 17 times higher than that under positive voltages. In response to these results, a high-throughput DA transport device based on controlled electricity-wettability was provided (Fang et al. 2023).

References associated with 1.D.206 family:

Fang, Y., W. Xu, L. Yang, H. Qu, W. Wang, S. Zhang, and H. Li. (2023). Electricity-Wettability Controlled Fast Transmission of Dopamine in Nanochannels. Small e2205488. [Epub: Ahead of Print] 36617514