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1.D.59 The Anion Transporting Perenosin (Perenosin) Family 

Perenosins represent a new class of anion transporters consisting of a pyrrole linked through an imine to either an indole, benzimidazole or indazole. The indole containing members of the perenosin family function as effective transmembrane Cl-/NO3- antiporters and H+/Cl- cotransporters in a manner similar to the prodigiosenes (TC# 1.D.58). The compounds reduce the viability of several types of cancer cells (Van Rossom et al. 2016).

References associated with 1.D.59 family:

Van Rossom, W., D.J. Asby, A. Tavassoli, and P.A. Gale. (2016). Perenosins: a new class of anion transporter with anti-cancer activity. Org Biomol Chem 14: 2645-2650. 26905059