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1.D.85.  The Silicon Nanopore (SNP) Family 

Nanopore-based analyses have the potential for exceptionally versatile applications in medicine. Khan and Williams 2015 presented a novel step towards fabrication of a single solid-state nanopore (SSSN) in a thin silicon membrane. Silicon nanopores are made in multistep processes on both sides of n-type silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer with resistivity of 1-4 An electrochemical HF etch with low current density (0.47 mA/cm2) was employed to produce SSSN. Blue LED was allowed to emit light in a narrow band region which facilitated the etching procedure in a unilateral direction. This helped to produce straight nanopores in n-type Si. A variety of pore diameters were demonstrated using different HF concentrations. Atomic force microscopy was used to iluminate the surface morphologies of the fabricated pores in non-contact mode. Pore edges exhibited a pronounced rounded shape and offered high stability to fluidic artificial lipid bilayers for the purpose of studying membrane proteins (Khan and Williams 2015).

References associated with 1.D.85 family:

Khan, M.S. and J.D. Williams. (2015). Fabrication of Solid State Nanopore in Thin Silicon Membrane Using Low Cost Multistep Chemical Etching. Materials (Basel) 8: 7389-7400. 28793644