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1.D.94.  The Channel-forming Lipophilic Bromo-Guanosine Derivative (LBGD) Family

The self-assembly of a lipophilic bromoguanosine derivative (G1) in a planar bilayer membrane is driven by H-bonding and - stacking interactions that can form different nano-structures. The G1 nanostructure is able to bind a bioactive dye like Rose Bengal. In the crystal state, it shows a ribbon type H-bonding pattern and exhibits birefringence in polarized light. The self-assembled nanostructure of G1 can form discrete transmembrane ion channels in biological membrane, enabling transport of potassium ions (Das et al. 2018).

References associated with 1.D.94 family:

Das, R.N., Y.P. Kumar, S.A. Kumar, O.M. Schütte, C. Steinem, and J. Dash. (2018). Self-Assembly of a Guanosine Derivative To Form Nanostructures and Transmembrane Channels. Chemistry. [Epub: Ahead of Print] 29441622