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2.A.26 The Branched Chain Amino Acid:Cation Symporter (LIVCS) Family

Characterized members of this family transport all three of the branched chain aliphatic amino acids (leucine (L), isoleucine (I) and valine (V)). They are found in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and function by a Na+ or H+ symport mechanism. They possess about 440 amino acyl residues and display 12 putative transmembrane helical spanners. Some of these transporters can also take up threonine (Khozov et al. 2023).  BrnQ of E. coli has been reported to be able to take up threonine but not serine.

The generalized transport reaction is:

[L, I, V or T] (out) + [Na+ or H+] (out)  [L, I, V or T] (in) + [Na+ or H+] (in)

This family belongs to the: APC Superfamily.

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