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2.B.34.  The Transmembrane Anion Transporter Bambusuril (Bambusuril) Family 

Semithiobambus[6]uril is  an efficient transmembrane anion transporter. Although all bambusuril analogs (having either O, S or N atoms in their portals) are excellent anion binders, only the sulfur analog is also an effective anion transporter capable of polarizing lipid membranes through selective anion uniport. This notable divergence reflects significant differences in the lipophilic character of the bambusuril analogs (Lang et al. 2017). The order of transport efficiency is:  Cl- > Br- > I- > NO3- > HCO3- > ClO4 > SO42-. It may catalyzed anion:anion antiport (Lang et al. 2017).

References associated with 2.B.34 family:

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