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2.B.40.  The Monoacylglycerol Anion Carrier (MAG-AC) Family 

Bahmanjah et al. 2012 showed that amphiphilic natural products, monoacylglycerols (see Fig 29 in Gale et al. 2017), function as transmembrane Cl-/NO3- anion exchange transporters. The 1,2-diol group proved to be crucial for transport function since diacylglycerol and triacylglycerol analogs were not anion transporters. Adding another hydrogen bond donor to the glycerol head-group and perfluorination of the acyl tail gave synthetic analogs with improved Cl- membrane transport properties with 20-fold better Cl-/NO3- antiport activity than the parental compound.

References associated with 2.B.40 family:

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