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2.B.49.  The Polyethyleneimine Macromolecular Carrier (PEI-C) Family 

Polyethyleneimine (PEI) is a nonviral DNA transfer vector as well as a transmembrane delivery system for proteins in cell culture. Linking proteins to PEI required no other treatment beyond mixing them (Didenko et al. 2005). The bond between PEI and protein was maintained under conditions of electrophoresis in the presence of 2.5% SDS. The optimal time for delivery of was about 24 h. Didenko et al. 2005 successfully delivered an Alexa 488-labeled avidin protein into human glioblastoma cells. A functional antibody against the nuclear protein lamin was delivered into human fibroblasts and reacted with lamin inside the cells. PEI-based delivery of antibodies and fluorescently labeled proteins can be used for fluorescent detection, tracking, and evaluation of cellular protein function in vivo.

References associated with 2.B.49 family:

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