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25 component system: The Type IV (Conjugal DNA-Protein Transfer or VirB) Secretory Pathway (IVSP) Family

A4GMW0 Cag2
O25257 Cag1
O25258 Cag3
O25259 Cag4
O25260 Cag5
O25261 Cag6
O25262 Cag7
O25263 Cag8
O25264 Cag9
O25265 Cag10
O25266 Cag11
O25268 Cag14
O25269 Cag15
O25270 Cag16
O25271 Cag17
O25272 Cag18
O25273 Cag19
O25274 Cag20
O25275 Cag21
O25276 Cag22
O25277 Cag24
O25278 Cag25
P97227 Cag13
P97245 Cag12
Q48252 Cag23