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8.A.206.  The Zip8 Regulator 1 (Zip8R1) Family 

C9orf85 and CXorf38 are two previously uncharacterized human proteins associated with ZIP8 malfunction (Tan et al. 2022). The former protein has 179 aas and possibly one C-terminal TMS.  Human metal cation symporter ZIP8 (SLC39A8) is a member of the solute carrier family responsible for intracellular transport of essential micronutrients, including manganese, selenium, and zinc. Previously, Tan et al. 2022 established a ZIP8-knockout (KO) human cell model and explored how the expression of ZIP8 could contribute to a range of human diseases. C9orf85 and CXorf38 were amongst the top-10 most downregulated proteins in a Zip8 knockout mutant, and their expressions could be selectively induced by essential micronutrients. Analyses indicated a positive correlation between the gene expressions of ZIP8 and C9orf85 or CXorf38. The differentially expressed proteins identified in ZIP8-KO cells could be potential targets for diagnosing and/or treating human ZIP8-associated diseases, including malnutrition, viral infection, and cancers (Tan et al. 2022). Amoung it's homologs is a large serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 6 regulatory ankyrin repeat subunit B-like protein and many others.

References associated with 8.A.206 family:

Tan, H.W., Y.M. Xu, Z.L. Liang, N.L. Cai, Y.Y. Wu, and A.T.Y. Lau. (2022). Single-gene knockout-coupled omics analysis identifies C9orf85 and CXorf38 as two uncharacterized human proteins associated with ZIP8 malfunction. Front Mol Biosci 9: 991308. 36330220