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8.A.42 The small hydrophilic YodL domain/protein (YodL) Family

The small cytoplasmic YodL protein of 104 aas in Bacillus subtilis can be found as individual proteins or as internal domains in Ni2+/Co2+ transport proteins of the NicO family (TC# 2.A.113).  The yodL gene in B. subtilis is adjacent to yodM and probably in the same operon.  YodM is probably a phsophatidic acid phosphatase.  The YodL domain is sandwiched in between the two 3 TMS NicO domains in proteins with TC#s 2.A.113.1.1 - 2.A.113.1.3 but is absent in TC#s 2.A.52.2.4-6 which however are very sequence similar to TC#s 2.A.52.2.1-3 in the NicO domains. These 3 TMS NicO domains may correspond to TMSs 2-4 and 6-8 in the 8 TMS NiCoT homologues (TC#s 1.A.52.1.1 - 4), but these two groups of proteins are very sequence divergent to each other.