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9.A.50 The Nuclear t-RNA Exporter (tRNA-E) Family

tRNAs are made in the nucleolus of the nuclei of eukaryotes. They are processed and exported into the cytoplasm. The t-exporter consists of several proteins. The protein t-UTP8 acts between maturation and translocation across the nuclear pore complex. It interacts with the two tRNA export receptors, Los1 and Msn5, and the Ran GTPase, Gsp1 t-UTP8, probably transfers tRNA to the nuclear tRNA export receptors by using a channeling mechanism (Strub et al., 2007).

The transport reaction catalyzes by a tRNA-exporter is:

tRNA (nucleus) → tRNA (cytoplasm)

References associated with 9.A.50 family:

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