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9.B.18 The Xanthan Glycosyl Transferase, GumD (GumD) Family

The GumD family cosists of a large number of glycosyltransferases involved in exo-polysaccharide biosynthesis and export.  GumD of Xanthomonas campestris is a costituent of a multicomponent system involved in the biosynthesis and export to the cell surface.  Some of the constituents of this system include GumB (TC# 1.B.18.3.7) and GumC (TC#8.A.3.1.3) (Bianco et al. 2014).  The N-terminus of GumD (residues 30 - 140) consists of a domain of closely packed 4 TMSs, followed by a hydrophilic domain that includes 1 or 2 additional TMSs.  Residues 75 - 275 consist of the NADB_Rossmann or CoA binding_3 domain, while residues 300 to the end consist of the Bacterial Transferase (bac_transf) domain of CDD. 

References associated with 9.B.18 family:

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